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Instructions on Vanilla Visa Activation and Buying Guide

August 6, 2015

Is it the first time you are going to use Vanilla Visa Gift Card? You need the card to activate first before you can use it. How? You can read the instructions below. For reloading the card online or over the phone, you can also read the steps below. Or you can visit MyGiftCardSite Balance for more information.


How to Purchase Online or Over the Phone?

  1. If you are going to buy a card online or on the telephone, it is possible to subscribe the card.
  2. In case you register, just go to the web site or get in touch with the number you will find at the back of the The telephone number of the issuer will be supplied on the place in which you obtain the card. It should also be printed at the rear of the card.
  3. Your name, home address and the phone number are essential information necessary when you buy a card. If you buy on the net or on the phone, you have to supply this info exactly the same one you will employ upon registration. Otherwise, when you purchase your card is going to be refused.
  4. It is possible to authenticate the data on the web site of Vanilla Visa or give the toll-free number.


Activation Process for Vanilla Visa Gift Card

  1. Certainly go through the activation directions you may see on the company of the gift card you acquire. Most of the Visa Gift Cards are activated quickly upon buy and you may use the Though still lots of people that will use the card choose to activate it just in the time they want to utilize it.
  2. You should always remember to sign the card at the back prior to making the initial purchase. This really is to stop someone from utilizing the card to purchase things close to

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