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Services Offered by Regions Bank

November 10, 2014

Regions Bank started in year 1971 with the three banks in Alabama. It was first expanded in Florida and the opened in Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee. Today, it has now branches in different 16 states in United States. It was year 2006 that the bank acquired AmSouth bank which work $10 billion.image2

The bank now ranks as the one of the largest banks in United States that has total assets of $140 billion. There are different services that it offers to its customers. The services vary from savings, checking, investment trust and insurance services. The banks also offer corporation that in need of loan, deposit and other sophisticated services.

If you want your life easier, you can always get a visa debit card in Regions bank. This bank offers three different kinds of debit cards.

  1. Personalized Debit Card. Customers can create a debit card from their checking account using the Regions Yourpix studio. It allows customers to upload a photo or logo of the company. This will appear at the front image of the card. The customers can also customize the design of the card depending on what they want. But the bank will charge you $10 per debit card you personalized in this feature.
  2. Visa Debit Card. If you are a customer with this bank that has an account in Regions Preferred Plus Checking or Regions LifeGreen Checking, you can receive a Regions Platinum Visa Check Card. You can have Regions PFS platinum Visa Check Card if you open Regions PFS Checking account. All visa debit cards are link to the customer’s checking account. They can make unlimited and free purchases anywhere they want as long as it has Visa logo.

All debit cards comes with security called SafeGuard. It includes multiple level of security which allows the users to shop online safely. If the card is stolen, the owner will not have to worry about the unauthorized charges made. If you want to obtain your own Regions login details, just sign up online in their website.

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