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What University of Phoenix Offers You?

January 8, 2013

You are planning to go back to school and earn another degree. But with your busy schedules what you wanted is impossible. But today, through online, almost all you want to do is possible. There are many online degree programs that offer wide range of courses such as the University of Phoenix, They have now the eCampus program which caters those people who are busy and students who do not do well during their high school time to earn a degree that they want. The university has different goals for individual.  From bachelors to master’s degree, these are what University of Phoenix offers to people:

What are the goals of the University’s eCampus?

  1. For every student to earn a general elective credits in case he or she wants to transfer to other institution.
  2. For everyone to complete all the courses of master’s degree, especially for those who take Education and meet the requirements to be a teacher.
  3. For them to keep any licensure up to date and gives the student a deeper understanding to all fields of interest.
  4. For everyone to achieve a degree recognize by all industries and take all the professional certifications for students.

Above is what University of Phoenix wanted for all the students who are enrolled to them. It is to assured each of the students made a right decision to earn degree in this institution. According to them, associate classes will last for about nine weeks. Bachelors and master degrees will last for about five to six weeks. All lessons and activities are conducted online. You are not pressured to have a fix schedule on taking up the class. Review of university of phoenix will help you decide to enrol in this school and take any course you want.

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